Read, meet, and eat your way to a better workplace.

BooknBrunch Teams is your all-in-one platform for planning company events that combine books, food, and community. It’s an easier, more affordable way to build workplace unity than herding everyone off to the ropes course for team-building exercises!

It’s one part book club, one part food club, and all parts magic; easy for you, and rewarding for your team.

You pride yourself on your team–and happy, well-read teams make workplaces extraordinary!


How it works:

Pick a package that works best for your company’s size and needs.

It includes free books plus a dining experience for your team at one of our top venues.

Assign a team lead to be the host of the event.
*One host per club meeting is required.

Select a book, pick a date and the venue and menu are already sorted out for you each month.


Join the Brookie Revolution and see the benefits of ‘in real life,’ out of office meals.

How will BooknBrunch Teams help your company?

Your employees can build camaraderie, foster deeper work relationships, and boost productivity as they…

Read Together

Improves overall health

Reading for 30 minutes a day has been shown to add two years to your life. It also reduces stress levels by 68 percent, alleviates anxiety and depression, and helps you fall asleep!

Increases brain power

White matter–which grows when you read–is the subway of the brain, connecting different regions of grey matter in the cerebrum to one another. Imagine living in a city and having to walk from one area to another 5 miles away; transport makes this much more fluent and helps make your tasks easier. This is pretty much the same for your brain!

Boosts empathy

Social Psychologist Emanuele Castano and Ph.D. candidate David Kidd conducted five studies that indicated their participants’ capacity for empathy had improved dramatically after reading. Imagine how increased empathy could help your team overcome internal obstacles and lead to a more peaceful and understanding workplace.

Meet Together

Promotes employee retention

Coming together to learn and experience new things helps employees align with a never-stop-learning mentality and growth mindset while increasing a strong sense of community.

Helps employees feel appreciated

Helping your team meet people from other departments and naturally attend book events they are drawn to, helps them connect with colleagues they might not usually connect with.

Fosters a sense of community

Coming together helps your employees feel less lonely and more connected in real life as they enjoy meals together in interesting venues; this is especially important in today’s online-dominated world.

Eat Together

Creates accessible leadership

Imagine the C-suite having a book club meeting and meal with a new hire? This would work wonders for employee retention and engagement. When you use BooknBrunch Teams you never know who will be at the table with you. The book is the icebreaker and conversation starter, and the meal is the reason people really want to go.

Makes employees happier

Breaking bread over good conversation is proven to make you happier. Food is not simply physical nourishment, but psychological nourishment as well. Eating a meal has a social, communal, and deeply human meaning.

Allows for easy networking

When they know they can have a book and a meal on the company, everyone feels the love!

Better food. Better conversation. Better team building.

Experience the difference BooknBrunch Teams can make in your workplaceby planning your first event today.

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